Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Book vs Movie

   Well, I need to make a decision as to whether the book is better than the movie, the movie better than the book, or there is always the chance they are equal. I would have to say that the movie is a little bit better then the book.
    I say this because I thought that the movie had a lot more action than the book. The movie also changed a feot and Jonas being 16, not 12 (there are a few reasons why he is 16).w things from the book that I liked. For instance, Asher being a drone pil I thought that Asher being a drone pilot instead of a child leader really made a difference in a good way. For example, the part of the movie where Asher captured Jonas in elsewhere he dropped Jonas in the water so Jonas could survive. The reason Asher did this was because they were friends and he did not have the guts to drop his best friend on to hard rock to die (which he was supposed to do). The movie also stayed accurate with the book which is a good thing because if the movie were to be totally different it would present a completely different viewpoint. Another difference is that instead of taking pills they take an injection. I think they made this change because they wanted to involve an apple because in the book Jonas and Asher were passing an apple to each other and Jonas saw a glimpse of red and Asher did not.
    I thought that the people who made the movie did a good job keeping the watcher engaged. For instance, when Jonas was stealing Gabriel from the hospital he had a lot of guards chasing him and he used Fiona as a decoy. And when he used one of the guard’s motorcycle instead of using his dad's bike. In addition, the movie had the community up in the air floating whereas in the book they did not give any sort of location for the community.
   Some of the parts of the movie that I thought were better than the book where when Jonas had driven off the cliff into elsewhere. I think he did this because in the beginning of the movie he could see elsewhere from a window and he said, “ What if elsewhere wasn't so far away?” The book had never mentioned this quote. Another part was there was no plan of escaping the community. I like this change from the movie because it made it go in a faster pace and there was more action and tension than in the book.
    One of my favorite parts of the movie that was not in the book was when Jonas was riding to the hospital to get Gabe and escape, but Asher got in his way and would not let pass because it was the time of night when no one can leave their households. So, Jonas hit Asher and it knocked him out. This was my favorite scene because now Jonas had another thing to worry about... if Asher will report him, not do anything about it, or come after Jonas.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Can I Make It?

     In the book that I am reading, Jonas was escaping the town, but there was I thought in his head, I was thinking if him and Gabriel could make it. I thought that I wasted my time reading this book because it ended on the biggest cliff hanger EVER, so that means that I spent the hole time enjoying this book then when I got to the end it had RUINED the entire book for me! I think that Jonas did not make it to else were because if he did then the book would not of ended on a DARN cliff hanger!

A Chang of Plans

     In the book that I am reading, Jonas finds out that Gabe has to have a release, Jonas realizes that if he gets release then the memories will escape into the town. I thought this part of the book was Plan Changing, because the release would of changed everything. I think that when Jonas gets to the border I think that he will have some feelings and turn to go back.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Do You Lie to me?

     In the book that I am reading, Jonas starts off really mad about hid father killing the baby, Jonas said that he will not go home again. I thought this chapter was telling us that his father does not know that the are "killing" the baby, they are "releasing"  it. I think that Jonas is going to brake the rules and tell his dad that he had killed the baby.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Bye Bye Little Guy

     In the book that I am reading, Jonas had seen a horrible Sean of a horrible thing, and that thing was being released and he now know that it means being killed. I thought that this part was pretty sick to what his dad did to the baby. I think that Jonas will start to get mad at his father. 


     In the book that I am reading, Jonas is realizing what the true feeling of anger is, so that means that whenever his sister says she is mad, what she is really feeling is annoyed not anger. I felt that this part of the book was good because it was telling us that the people of the town do not experience the true feelings of things. I think that Jonas will start to wonder about the outside world soon. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

A Crime

     In the book that I am reading, Jonas does something that no one else has done, he threw the stirring pills away. I really enjoyed this part of the book because Jonas followed what his dream told him to do. I think that Jonas parents are going to notice that the pills are gone.